October 27-29, 2019 | Wichita Marriott Hotel
Putting the Unity in Community
Putting the Unity in Community

New Conference App

Download the New Conference App for your Phone.

The Conference is moving “digital” to be environmentally and budget conscious. No printed materials will be offered past 2019. Explore the app and enjoy having full access to all conference information: Agenda, Speaker Catalogue, Presentations and Speaker Materials, as well as Session Recordings in a user-friendly format during the entire year until the application is updated with the next year’s information. 


To download go to the App store on your iOS device or the Google Play store on your Android device and search “Attendify.” Once downloaded, search and join the Growing Community Foundations Conference.


If you prefer to use your laptop vs. a tablet or a phone this is the link to the computer version of the app: http://8j1qvh.m.attendify.com