Day 1 - Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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12:30pm  Registration for Conference Retreats Opens

1:00-5:00pm  Conference Retreats per Affinity Group

CEO Retreat
Leadership During a Disaster Event

Speakers:  Vanessa Bechtel, Eric Pearson, Anita Busch, and Ben McDearmon

Moderator:  Eric Hozempa

Track:  Leadership

Ambassador:  Laura Seaman

Conference Support Team: Dodie Doudna

Reconnect with old friends and make new ones catching up on the past year, share your plans ahead, and join the discussion on responding to a mass disaster. Leading a community through a natural or a man-made disaster, such as a mass shooting, can be scary, perplexing and very stressful. Determining how your community foundation responds in the moment is very critical to the outcome for those affected by the mass disaster. Not only are there enormous practical and legal considerations for your foundation but morally and ethically the decisions you make will affect victims, their families, and friends forever. The panelists will discuss how they responded to their own situations, what critical steps they considered, how they kept informed with the legal concerns along the way, and most importantly, did their decisions provide a good moral and ethical outcome.

*This retreat is supported by the The Funders Network.


Board Retreat
Why Strategic Plans Fail and How to Stop It from Happening to You

Salons 1-2

Speaker and Ambassador: Steve Alley

Track:  Governance

Conference Support Team: Charli Brickner 

Time and again clients report – “my board hates strategic planning,” “our last plan didn’t work,” and “we had great discussions last time, but nothing ever happened with it.”  How do you ensure this doesn’t happen to you? This session will cover everything from how to recruit a partner to help you facilitate the process, to how to use the planning process itself to augment your goals for donor and community engagement/impact to creating an end product that can help launch your organization forward. Come with your questions and your own stories about how it’s worked for you, or why you think it didn’t.

Program Retreat
The Future is Collaborative: Learn the Secrets to Unlocking Collective Impact to Amplify Growth

Room D

Speakers:  Charla Schafer, Tatiana Fraga Diez, Stephen Warren, Sara Lomelin, and Jacqueline Erickson Russell

Track: Program

Ambassador: Michael Layton

Conference Support Team: Aaron Larson

Collective Impact - it’s how we bring people and resources together - transforming our communities for the better. As community foundations look to grow their community impact, collaborative models will become increasingly vital in your ability to reach your goals. From participatory decision-making, unique partnerships, collective action, giving circles and beyond, there are various ways you can unlock the power of your community while allowing diverse stakeholders to have voice and center equity in your work. There’s a secret sauce to amplifying philanthropy in your local community and you’ll learn all the ingredients during this 4-hour retreat!

Communications/Marketing Retreat
How to Customize Your Donor Communications, Make Them Stampworthy, and Raise More Money (Without Losing Your Mind, Losing Your Cool, or Losing Control)

Room E

Speaker: Dawn Brown

Track: Marketing/Communications

Ambassador: Rosemary Dorsa

Conference Support Team: Mariah Michaels

You need your donors to act. But how do you strategically steward a large array of donors with a message that resonates individually? Come and learn an elementary donor segmentation strategy that works like a charm to make the right ask to each donor group and gets results.

Finance/Administration/Development Retreat
Amplifying Your Impact Through Data Driven Decisions

Room F

Speakers: Rosie Sprangers, Devinne Verst, and Jeff Davis

Track: Finance/Operations

Ambassador: Joe Sorenson

Conference Support Team: Laura Baron-Reyes 

Hear from a survey of 100+ community foundations that surfaces trends related to how peers invest their assets to support short- and long-term community needs. Participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with peer about challenges and best practices across a variety of topics, including asset allocation, spending policy and how investments support grantmaking, diversity in investment management, and responsive investments, such as ESG. Qualitative and quantitative survey results will be discussed, and all attendees will receive a full copy of FEG’s 2022 Community Foundation survey report, as well as a summary of themes from the retreat’s discussion. Participants will ample time to discuss “burning issues” currently facing community foundations.

*This retreat is supported by the FEG Investment Advisors.

Community Foundations Basics Part 1

Corporate Hills Ballroom

Speakers: Amy Haacker and Sarah Aguirre Origer

Track: Multi-Track

Ambassador: Stacie Hahn

Conference Support Team: Chelsea Knight

Community foundations are unique and complex organizations and the task of orienting and training new staff, and board members is a constant challenge.  The Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, thanks to ongoing support from Lilly Endowment Inc., offers a training and technical assistance program for community foundations, known as GIFT.  The goal of our two-session, six-hour program “Community Foundation Basics” is to provide participants with on overview of the structure and operations of a community foundation.  Topics covered include:   

  • History and purpose
  • Board governance
  • Gifts and funds
  • Asset development
  • Grantmaking
  • Community leadership
  • Finance and investments
  • Legal Issues
  • Operational sustainability
  • Lifecycles of community foundations.


5:00 – 6:00pm. Reception for Retreat in-person Attendees and New Arrivals

Resources Hall

Share your thoughts and impressions after the Retreats, meet new colleagues and re-connect with old friends in the Resources Hall while enjoying refreshments. Participants of the KACF Peers-to-Peer Program are asked to meet with their peers in the Atrium Room for a few minutes at the beginning of this reception.

Networking in Groups for the Online Audience


Ambassador: Aaron Larson

Kick off your conference networking by meeting up with some like-minded colleagues in a virtual round table discussion. Each group is asked to self-start with the following questions:

  1. What session on the conference agenda are you particularly interested in and why?
  2. What keeps you up at night?
  3. What progress has your community foundation made this year?

Participants are then invited to ask questions of their own and engage in a discussion to help one another navigate through the questions, network, and have a good time. 

*This retreat is supported by Greater Salina Community Foundation. 


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